Foreign Policy

(ISSN 0015-7228)

Foreign Policy is the award-winning, bimonthly magazine of global politics, economics, and ideas. Our mission is to explain how the world works - in particular, how the process of global integration is reshaping nations, institutions, cultures, and, more fundamentally, our daily lives. Equal parts scout and translator, FP draws on the world's leading journalists, thinkers, and professionals to analyze the most significant international trends and events of our times, without regard to ideology or political bias. FP is dedicated to reaching a broad, non-specialized audience that recognizes that what happens "there" matters "here", and vice versa. Our readers include some of the most influential leaders in business, government, and other professional arenas in the U.S. and more than 90 other countries. FP was the recipient of a 2003 National Magazine Award for General Excellence, and publishes editions in Arabic, Greek, Italian, Spanish, and Turkish.


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Dyscypliny naukowe:

  • historia
  • ekonomia i finanse
  • nauki o bezpieczeństwie
  • nauki o polityce i administracji
  • nauki socjologiczne
  • stosunki międzynaropdowe