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Pharmacy In History

(ISSN 0031-7047)

Pharmacy in History is a quarterly journal devoted to exploring the place of pharmacy in the history of civilization. Generally, each issue contains two peer-reviewed research papers; a notes and departments section comprised of short research communications, news of the field, and article abstracts; plus a book review section. The journal is indexed every three years. Research articles examine the history of the pharmacy profession, pharmacy’s place in society, drug discovery, the development of the pharmaceutical industry, the marketing of medicines, and the progress of the pharmaceutical sciences. All peer-reviewed articles are fully documented. Pharmacy in History also strives to include high-quality illustrations throughout each issue.


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Dyscypliny naukowe:

  • historia
  • inżynieria biomedyczna
  • biologia medyczna
  • nauki farmaceutyczne
  • nauki medyczne
  • nauki o zdrowiu