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Studies In Romanticism

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Studies in Romanticism is the flagship journal in its field, a quarterly with international circulation, publishing articles representing the full range of disciplines within the Romantic period. It was founded in 1961 by David Bonnell Green. SiR (as it is known to abbreviation) has flourished under a fine succession of editors: Edwin Silverman, W. H. Stevenson, Charles Stone III, Michael Cooke, Morton Paley, and (continuously since 1978) David Wagenknecht. Since 1976, SiR has regularly published thematically-controlled "special issues," as well as miscellanies. Sometimes issues have been devoted to geographical or national kinds (e.g. German Romanticism, Scottish Romanticism), or to authors, even to particular works ("Sardanapalus"), or to gifted scholars (e.g. "Homage to David Erdman") or to special approaches (Paul de Man's "The Rhetoric of Romanticism"), and in every instance SiR has reached out, beyond eminences, to new scholars who demonstrate invention as well as rigor.


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