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The Forum For Social Economics

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Aims and scope

The Forum for Social Economics, founded in 1971, is a high-quality peer-reviewed (double-blind), international academic journal sponsored by the Association for Social Economics (ASE). It is committed to the development of social economics as a values-based, complex and policy-oriented science in the service of the common good.

The Forum Editors invite the submission of stimulating, original and clearly-written academic research papers (7,500 words maximum) on:

a) The factual features of the socioeconomic problems of our age, such as the state of communities, economic and financial crises, institutional and technological change, poverty/inequality, terrorism, conflict and climate change as well as gender, class and ethnic issues - and how they impact on a reasonable understanding of the world we live in;

b) Alternative perspectives on measures and models of socioeconomic performance. These include approaches that endogenize social facts, well-being, quality of life, standard living, provisioning, ecological sustainability, trust, institutional functioning, happiness and/or human development as well as social network analysis, agent-based modelling and complexity economics;

c) Policy issues, with an emphasis on how collective agents - governments, public agencies, unions and other private groups an organizations - can and do affect coordination, cooperation, performance, justice, equity and trust.

The Forum is especially interested in papers that are realistic in their outlook, pluralistic in their approach, concerned with interdependent agents and take account of the institutional and evolutionary nature of the economy.

Authors can choose to publish gold open access in this journal.

Read the Instructions for Authors for information on how to submit your article.


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