Journal of Classroom Interaction

Journal Of Classroom Interaction

(ISSN 0749-4025)

As of 2014, the Journal of Classroom Interaction has been publishing relevant and well-researched articles for 50 years.

Authors who are interested in being published in the Journal should submit one hard copy and one electronic manuscript to the editor. The Journal has a 9-15% acceptance rate for each issue. Ninety percent of the published volumes are open issues with the remainder being thematic. Each manuscript is double blind reviewed by members of the standing review board and/or guest reviewers. The review process usually takes 9-12 weeks, somewhat longer if received in December, January or during the summer months. Authors whose manuscripts are accepted for review are provided with written critiques. New researchers have the same opportunity to publish in the Journal as a veteran researcher. All authors are encouraged to submit their current research on classroom interaction.


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