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Youth Theatre Journal

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Aims and scope

The goal of the Youth Theatre Journal is to publish the work of authors who create distinctive ways of advancing theory, inquiry, documentation, discussion, critique, and advocacy of theatre or drama created by, for, or with young people in a wide range of contexts. The contexts of the work may include and may extend past the following:

Applied Theatre

Drama (in) education

Youth Theatre

Theatre for Young Audiences


YTJ is committed to publishing innovative academic and/or performative creations that require new and different ways of documenting the work (e.g., visual images, videos, playscripts) as exemplified by the following:

Distinctive Inquiry

· Challenging or struggling with trending beliefs or normative structures

· Sharing and considering multiple, socio-economic, or unique perspectives

· Articulating critical positions beyond simple documentation of work

Distinctive Voice

· A variety of language(s), and linguistic styles/practices, uses, and varied styles of representation

· Crafting narratives that are accessible to diverse audiences

· Making discourses apparent and deliberate

· Writing that draws from a wide range of styles, scholarship, and knowledge

· Elevation of distinctive voices, including those marginalized in academic contexts, from plural locations

Distinctive Representation

· Considering the structure and representation of the work in relation to content and audience

· Acknowledging the diversity of sources and locations of scholarly and artistic materials

· Elevation of distinctive practices, including those marginalized in academic contexts, from plural locations

Special issues

A special issue is an opportunity for one or more author(s) or guest editors to delve deeply into a topic or issue. An argument can be made, however, for an issue that focuses on one group within an articulation of how it may align and or support the larger YTJ inclusive and diverse space.

Peer Review Policy: All review papers in this journal have undergone editorial screening and double-blind peer review.

Authors can choose to publish gold open access in this journal.

Read the Instructions for Authors for information on how to submit your article.


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