Middle East Report

(ISSN 0899-2851)

Middle East Report is the foremost U.S. magazine of critical analysis on the Middle East, and its international readership of 25,000 makes it one of the most widely read publications on the Middle East. Each issue features in-depth analytical articles on Middle East politics, culture and society, and U.S. policy toward the region, as well as engaging journalistic dispatches, review essays and compelling photographs. Articles from MER are reprinted, and translations have appeared, in more than a dozen languages, including Arabic, Hebrew, Persian and Turkish. Issues of MER are required reading in many college and university courses, and more than 700 libraries and research institutes around the world subscribe. Researchers can find MER cited in 12 different indices and abstracts. Specialists in a wide range of political, social and humanitarian agencies use MER in their work for research, education and constituency outreach.


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Dyscypliny naukowe:

  • nauki o kulturze i religii
  • geografia społeczno-ekonomiczna i gospodarka przestrzenna
  • nauki o bezpieczeństwie
  • nauki o polityce i administracji
  • nauki o zarządzaniu i jakości
  • nauki socjologiczne
  • stosunki międzynaropdowe