Journal Of Optics-India

(ISSN 0974-6900)

The Journal is aimed to stimulate study and research in fundamental and applied science related to the problems in optics.

The Journal of Optics publishes Research Papers on results of original and applied research of sufficient merit in all branches of optical physics and technology, such as the science of vision, colour, photometry, illumination, optical/opto-electronics material and devices, optical testing and standardization, spectroscopy, lasers, holography, fibre optics, non-linear optics, optical and opto-electronic systems and instruments, image processing, optical computing. Review articles, literature citations on various aspects of optics are also welcome.


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Dyscypliny naukowe:

  • automatyka
  • elektronika
  • elektrotechnika i technologie kosmiczne
  • inżynieria biomedyczna
  • inżynieria materiałowa
  • nauki fizyczne