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Aims and scope

The Information Society is a multidisciplinary journal intended to answer questions about the Information Age. It provides a forum for thoughtful commentary and discussion of significant topics in the world of information, such as transborder data flow, regulatory issues, the impact of the information industry, information as a determinant of public and private organizational performance, and information and the sovereignty of the public and private organizational performance, and information and the sovereignty of the public. Its papers analyze information policy issues affecting society. Because of the journal’s international perspective, it will have worldwide appeal to scientists and policymakers in government, education, and industry. Topics covered include:

The rise of virtual communities

Visions and practices of digital libraries

E-commerce and business processes

Evolving notions of information infrastructure

Various forms of "electronic democracy"

Peer Review Policy:

All research articles in this journal have undergone editorial screening and peer review.

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Policy- and decision-makers and scientists in government, industry and education; managers concerned with the effects of the information revolution on individuals, organizations and society; and academic researchers and others with an interest in issues regarding the information society.

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