Journal Of Experimental Neuroscience

(ISSN 1179-0695)

Neuroscience Insights is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original papers on nervous system structure and function, from molecular to behavioral levels of inquiry. The general areas of focus for the Neuroscience Insights are:

Molecular and Cellular

Development and Plasticity

Cognition and Perception

Circuits and Behavior

Computational and Theoretical


Disorders of the Nervous System

Neuropharmacology and Addiction

Integrative Physiology

Brain-Machine Interface

All articles will be considered for publication; however, preferential consideration will be given to reports of significant interest to the broad neuroscience community. Main article types are as follows: Original Research, Brief Reports, Letters to the Editor, Methods, Review, Mini-Reviews, Editorials, and Commentaries. Commentaries, Mini- and full-length reviews are typically invited by the Editor-in-Chief, however, unsolicited work will be considered. Commentaries are invite only.


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