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Human Affairs-Postdisciplinary Humanities & Social Sciences Quarterly

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Postdisciplinary international journal for humanities and social sciences published in English by the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia. The underlying editorial strategy is to advance human self-understanding and communication via publishing innovative theoretical, interpretative, critical and historical contributions transcending traditional disciplinary and cultural frontiers.

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Brings together contributions from all traditional and non-traditional fields of humanities and social sciences which relate to crucial contemporary human affairs.

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Fast, fair, and constructive peer review and editing Language-correction services for authors.

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Human Affairs is committed to maximize free access to scientific knowledge. Therefore we enable free access to one Editors’ Choice paper in each issue, provide free access to the full content of the journal after 24 months from publishing and offer authors an option to publish their articles in an Open Access format (upon payment of an Article Publishing Charge). More information can be found under


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Dyscypliny naukowe:

  • etnologia i antropologia kulturowa
  • filozofia
  • nauki o kulturze i religii
  • nauki o zdrowiu
  • nauki o rodzinie
  • nauki o zarządzaniu i jakości
  • nauki prawne
  • nauki socjologiczne
  • stosunki międzynaropdowe
  • nauki biblijne