Bulletin Of Volcanology

(ISSN 1432-0819)

Bulletin of Volcanology was founded in 1922, as Bulletin Volcanologique, and is the official journal of the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior (IAVCEI). The Bulletin of Volcanology publishes papers on volcanoes, their products, their eruptive behavior, and their hazards. Papers aimed at understanding the deeper structure of volcanoes, and the evolution of magmatic systems using geochemical, petrological, and geophysical techniques are also published. Material is published in four sections: Review Articles; Research Articles; Short Scientific Communications; and a Forum that provides for discussion of controversial issues and for comment and reply on previously published Articles and Communications.

Authors should submit manuscripts through our website at www.springer.com/445. Further Instructions for Authors are available there with a detailed description of our editorial process and suggestions for formatting your manuscript and diagrams before submission. Please follow these guidelines as they will help reduce the time your submission spends in the review process.

Once submitted, the Executive Editor will determine if the manuscript is suitable for the Bulletin. Papers that do not conform to the journal norms may be rejected or returned to the authors for revision before being considered for publication. The Executive Editor will select a member of the Editorial Board to be the responsible editor. Authors may request a particular board member to be the responsible editor, although the Executive Editor makes the final choice. Authors should provide the names and email addresses of at least three suggested reviewers with whom there is no conflict of interest.

Submitted manuscript text should be double-spaced with 12 point font and contain continuous line numbers. Research Article length should not exceed 7000 words plus 14 tables and/or figures. Additional information as ESM is acceptable. Longer contributions may be considered but must be accompanied by an explicit statement explaining why extra length is required. Authors may use medium- or low-resolution figures in the initial submission to reduce uploading time.

Additional questions may be sent to the Editorial Administrator at fran.vanwyk@uca.fr


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