International Journal Of Biometeorology

(ISSN 1432-1254)

The International Journal of Biometeorology serves as the flagship publication of the International Society of Biometeorology, and thematically reflects the Society’s core research interests.

The Journal publishes original research papers, review articles, and short communications on studies examining the relationships between the atmospheric environment and living organisms. Living organisms extend from single-cell organisms to plants and animals, including humans. The atmospheric environment includes both climatological and meteorological conditions, in both natural and artificial surroundings, for both historical or climate-change related analyses. The Journal embraces both theoretical and applied research.

The Editorial Board encourages papers that explore novel methods with results that significantly advance the collective body of biometeorological knowledge, as well as those that use this knowledge to improve the resilience of human and natural systems. Research papers are expected to adhere to scientific standards, including clear expression of hypotheses, appropriate methods, and a thorough discussion and interpretation of the results within the context of existing literature.

As an international journal, research papers from all locations are welcome as long as they are of interest to an international audience.

Manuscripts that focus on replicating existing methods, testing hypotheses well addressed in the literature, and/or producing results primarily of local interest, are discouraged.

Editor-in-Chief: Scott C. Sheridan, Professor and Acting Departmental Chairperson, Department of Geography, Kent State University, Ohio, USA


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  • inżynieria biomedyczna
  • inżynieria środowiska
  • górnictwo i energetyka
  • biologia medyczna
  • nauki farmaceutyczne
  • nauki o kulturze fizycznej
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