Physics And Chemistry Of Minerals

(ISSN 1432-2021)

Physics and Chemistry of Minerals is an international journal devoted to publishing articles and short communications of physical or chemical studies on minerals or solids related to minerals. The aim of the journal is to support competent interdisciplinary work in mineralogy and physics or chemistry. Particular emphasis is placed on applications of modern techniques or new theories and models to interpret atomic structures and physical or chemical properties of minerals. Some subjects of interest are:

Relationships between atomic structure and crystalline state (structures of various states, crystal energies, crystal growth, thermodynamic studies, phase transformations, solid solution, exsolution phenomena, etc.)

General solid state spectroscopy (ultraviolet, visible, infrared, Raman, ESCA, luminescence, X-ray, electron paramagnetic resonance, nuclear magnetic resonance, gamma ray resonance, etc.)

Experimental and theoretical analysis of chemical bonding in minerals (application of crystal field, molecular orbital, band theories, etc.)

Physical properties (magnetic, mechanical, electric, optical, thermodynamic, etc.)

Relations between thermal expansion, compressibility, elastic constants, and fundamental properties of atomic structure, particularly as applied to geophysical problems

Electron microscopy in support of physical and chemical studies

Computational methods in the study of the structure and properties of minerals

Mineral surfaces (experimental methods, structure and properties)

Manuscripts submitted to the journal should conform to the "Instructions for Authors" and should not contain obsolete, discredited, or superfluous mineral names (see http://pubsites.uws.edu.au/ima-cnmnc/). Manuscripts may be submitted using the online submission system.

Keywords: Mineralogy, Crystallography, Crystal Chemi stry, Crystal Structure Refinement, Mineral Physics, Spectroscopy, Mineral Surface Science, Materials Science, Electron Microscopy, Computational Methods


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