Radiation And Environmental Biophysics

(ISSN 1432-2099)

This journal is devoted to fundamental and applied issues in radiation research and biophysics. The topics may include:

Biophysics of ionizing radiation: radiation physics and chemistry, radiation dosimetry, radiobiology, radioecology, biophysical foundations of medical applications of radiation, and radiation protection.

Biological effects of radiation: experimental or theoretical work on molecular or cellular effects; relevance of biological effects for risk assessment; biological effects of medical applications of radiation; relevance of radiation for biosphere and in space; modelling of ecosystems; modelling of transport processes of substances in biotic systems.

Risk assessment: epidemiological studies of cancer and non-cancer effects; quantification of risk including exposures to radiation and confounding factors

Contributions to these topics may include theoretical-mathematical and experimental material, as well as description of new techniques relevant for the study of these issues. They can range from complex radiobiological phenomena to issues in health physics and environmental protection.

Special emphasis is given to fundamental research - directly or indirectly related to radiation. Articles on medical physics and applied radiation research will be accepted if they contribute to the understanding of fundamental mechanisms.


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