Theory Of Computing Systems

(ISSN 1433-0490)

Theory of Computing Systems (TOCS) is devoted to publishing original research from all areas of theoretical computer science, ranging from foundational areas such as computational complexity, to fundamental areas such as algorithms and data structures, to focused areas such as parallel and distributed algorithms and architectures. Topics include theoretical aspects of the following items:

Algebraic methods

Algorithmic game theory

Algorithmic information theory

Algorithms and data structures

Analysis of algorithms

Applied graph theory

Approximate algorithms for hard problems

Approximation algorithms


Formal languages

Combinatorial pattern matching

Communication networks

Complexity and computability theory

Computational and algorithmic learning theory

Computational biology

Computational complexity

Computational geometry

Computational molecular biology

Computational science

Cryptography and security

Data compression algorithms

Data mining

Data structures

Database theory

Distributed algorithms

Distributed computing

Dynamic data structures

Effective mathematics

Exact algorithms

External memory algorithms

Graph algorithms

Kolmogorov complexity

Logic in computer science

Machine learning

Machine-based complexity theory

Mobile computing

Models of computation

Molecular computation


Parallel and distributed computing

Physics and computation

Program checking

Property testing

Quantum computing

Randomized algorithms

Routing, broadcasting, searching

String algorithms

Text indexing

Theoretical aspects of parallel algorithms and architectures of networks

Theory of communication networks

Theory of concurrent systems


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