Pattern Analysis And Applications

(ISSN 1433-755X)

The journal publishes high quality articles in areas of fundamental research in intelligent pattern analysis and applications in computer science and engineering. It aims to provide a forum for original research which describes novel pattern analysis techniques and industrial applications of the current technology. In addition, the journal will also publish articles on pattern analysis applications in medical imaging. The journal solicits articles that detail new technology and methods for pattern recognition and analysis in applied domains including, but not limited to, computer vision and image processing, speech analysis, robotics, multimedia, document analysis, character recognition, knowledge engineering for pattern recognition, fractal analysis, and intelligent control. The journal publishes articles on the use of advanced pattern recognition and analysis methods including statistical techniques, neural networks, genetic algorithms, fuzzy pattern recognition, machine learning, and hardware implementations which are either relevant to the development of pattern analysis as a research area or detail novel pattern analysis applications. Papers proposing new classifier systems or their development, pattern analysis systems for real-time applications, fuzzy and temporal pattern recognition and uncertainty management in applied pattern recognition are particularly solicited.

The journal encourages the submission of original case-studies on applied pattern recognition which describe important research in the area. The journal also solicits reviews on novel pattern analysis benchmarks, evaluation of pattern analysis tools, and important research activities at international centres of excellence working in pattern analysis.

For all submission-related enquiries, please contact the Journal Editorial Office via “Contacts” or the Senior Editor Dragos Calitoiu at calitoiu@math.carleton.ca.


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