Virtual Reality

(ISSN 1434-9957)

The journal, established in 1995, publishes original research in Virtual Reality, Augmented and Mixed Reality that shapes and informs the community. The multidisciplinary nature of the field means that submissions are welcomed on a wide range of topics including, but not limited to:

Original research studies of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and real-time visualization, graphics, and applications

Development and evaluation of systems, tools, techniques and software that advance the field, including:

Display technologies, including Head Mounted Displays, simulators, and immersive displays.

Haptic technologies, including novel devices, interaction and rendering

Interaction management, including gesture control, eye gaze, biosensors, biofeedback, and wearables

Tracking technologies, motion capture, 3D spatial sound, virtual smell, and virtual taste

VR/AR/MR in medicine, including training, surgical simulation, rehabilitation, and tissue/organ modelling.

Impactful and original applications and studies of VR/AR/MR’s utility in areas such as manufacturing, business, telecommunications, arts, education, design, entertainment and defence

Research demonstrating new techniques and approaches to designing, building and evaluating virtual and augmented reality systems

Original research studies assessing the social, ethical, data or legal aspects of VR/AR/MR

To complement original research articles, the journal also welcomes papers that provide state of the art reviews of specific aspects of VR/MR/AR. Such papers must be rigorous and represent a valuable resource for researcher and practitioners.

The journal’s audience includes those undertaking research in academia and industry, and developers and users of applications. Since readers may therefore be unfamiliar with all aspects of a specific topic being discussed, emphasis will be placed on clear, well-written, and accessible articles which will appeal to a multidisciplinary audience.


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