Journal Of Neural Transmission

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The investigation of basic mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of neurological and psychiatric disorders has undoubtedly deepened our knowledge of these types of disorders. The impact of basic neurosciences on the understanding of the pathophysiology of the brain will further increase due to important developments such as the emergence of more specific psychoactive compounds and new technologies.

The Journal of Neural Transmission aims to establish an interface between basic sciences and clinical neurology and psychiatry. It intends to put a special emphasis on translational publications of the newest developments in the field from all disciplines of the neural sciences that relate to a better understanding and treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

The journal is published monthly in three sections:

Translational Neuroscience

This section will publish work from the basic neurosciences, i.e. experimental work, animal and human studies including behavioral short and long term evaluations. It will accept manuscripts dealing with pharmacological, molecular pharmacological, neurochemical as well as molecular biological and molecular genetical studies related to the nervous system. Topics of current outstanding interest are neural stem cell research, plasticity and neurogenesis, immunology, electrophysiology , Neuro-Recording, Neuromolecular Imaging, Neuro-Imaging, and Sensor Technologies.

Neurology and preclinical neurological studies

This section focuses on neuroscientific studies, both basic and clinical in nature, related to all neurological diseases. A special emphasis is put on movement disorders (including parkinsonism, dystonia, chorea, and myoclonus) and dementia (including Alzheimer’s disease, fronto-temporal dementia and age related cognitive dysfunction), epilepsy, stroke, and neuroimmune disorders. Furthermore, manuscripts on the pathobiochemistry, (molecular) pharmacology, molecular biology, genetics and morphobiology of neurotransmission of cortical and subcortical cerebral disorders including dementias and ischemia and their pharmacotherapy are appreciated, as well as relevant animal experiments and cell culture studies.

Psychiatry and preclinical psychiatric studies

This section is designed to accept manuscripts on biological psychiatry and pharmacopsychiatry in general. Special emphasis is given to work dealing with empirical psychopathology, developmental psychiatric concepts and biochemical as well as molecular biological and genetic studies.

Another focus of this section is Biological Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. This area includes topics on the biological correlates of developmental psychopathology and on developmental psychopharmacology. Morphological, electrophysiological, biochemical, molecular biological and genetic studies related to psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents are welcome for publication. Of special interest are issues such as ADHD, autism, eating disorders, and early brain development.

Fields of interest: Neurochemistry, Neuropharmacology, Neurobiology, Neurosciences, Clinical biochemistry, Neurotransmission, Neurology, Psychiatry


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