Engineering With Computers

(ISSN 1435-5663)

Engineering with Computers is an international journal for simulation-based engineering. It publishes original papers and authoritative state-of-the-art reviews on the technologies supporting simulation-based engineering. The journal welcomes novel cutting-edge research and algorithm-based software development with broad impact, encouraging submissions that make codes available. Manuscripts focusing on application of established methods, algorithms and workflows, especially manuscripts reporting results of running commercial software packages, are not encouraged. A partial list of the covered technical areas includes adaptive simulation techniques, data-driven and hybrid modeling methods, design through analysis workflows, engineering software development, large-scale simulation methods, mesh generation, simulation-based optimization, simulation interactivity, and visualization techniques.

Topics/categories on the submission website (the submitter can select one or more):

adaptive simulation techniques

data-driven and hybrid modeling methods

design through analysis workflows

engineering software development

large-scale simulation methods

mesh generation

simulation-based optimization

simulation interactivity

visualization techniques

other computational methods


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