Amino Acids

(ISSN 1438-2199)

Amino Acids publishes contributions from all fields of amino acid and protein research: analysis, separation (proteomics), synthesis, biosynthesis, evolution, folding, structure, stability, dynamics, medicinal chemistry, catabolism, cross linking amino acids, racemization/enantiomers, modification of amino acids such as phosphorylation, methylation, acetylation, hydroxylation and glycosylation. The journal also welcomes papers on new roles for amino acids and proteins in physiology and pathophysiology, biology, amino acid analogues, polyamines, labeled amino acids, peptides, stable and radioactive isotopes of amino acids, excitatory amino acids, unusual amino acids, and peptides. Applications include medicine (gastroenterology, nephrology, psychiatry, neurology, oncology), biochemistry, structural biology, agriculture and plants, food chemistry, nutrition, microbiology, neurochemistry, pharmacology, and sports. We also encourage the submissions of computational papers and interdisciplinary research such as economic, social sciences and humanities.


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