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The primary aim of Infection is to be a forum for the presentation and discussion of clinically relevant information on infectious diseases for readers and contributors from all over the world. Articles deal with the etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases in the outpatient as well as in the inpatient setting. Public health issues of local, regional or international importance related to infectious diseases are featured, as well as progress and problems in hospital epidemiology.

The main contents of the journal include original articles describing results of research projects, brief reports on new observations that enhance the knowledge of clinicians, and state-of-the-art reviews on topics that are relevant to physicians diagnosing or treating infectious diseases. Case reports describing new infectious etiologies or clinical manifestations are also welcome. Finally, the correspondence section is open to readers who want to respond to articles published in Infection or to succinctly present information to the general readership. Because infectious diseases often present with characteristic clinical pictures that can be seen upon inspection and because imaging and microscopy are an essential part of infection diagnosis, the “Images” section of Infection was created to focus on high-quality pictures with short texts in abstract form.

The content of Infection covers several fields, as represented in the various sections of the board of editors, which range from clinical infectious diseases in general to pediatric infectious diseases, clinical microbiology and diagnostics, healthcare-associated infections, antimicrobial use, healthcare quality, fungal infections, and viral infections, including the broad fields of HIV and viral hepatitis. Parasitic infections, international health and travel medicine are among the journal’s newest focus areas.

Infection adheres to a high standard of quality for all published material. Each article undergoes a peer-review process. At the same time the editors aim to keep the interval between submission and publication as short as possible. For articles describing particularly timely or important new findings, accelerated peer-review and fast-track publication options are made available.


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