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Cochlear Implants International

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Aims and scope

" I think this is the most valuable and detailed journal in the area of cochlear implants today. The articles are exciting and ground-breaking; please keep up the great work." Brian Schmidt, Alberta Health Services, Canada (member of the CCICG)

Cochlear Implants International is the only interdisciplinary journal devoted entirely to cochlear implants and other implantable electronic hearing devices. It is a peer-reviewed journal which was founded in response to the growing number of publications in the field of cochlear implants. It is designed to meet a need to include scientific contributions from all the disciplines represented in cochlear implant teams: audiology, medicine and surgery, speech therapy and speech pathology, psychology, hearing therapy, radiology, pathology, engineering and acoustics, teaching and communication.

The journal publishes original scientific research, case studies, audits of results, descriptions of original concepts and devices, and short reports of work in progress.

Authors can choose to publish gold open access in this journal.

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