Business Ethics-A European Review

(ISSN 1467-8608)

Aims and Scope

Business Ethics, the Environment and Responsibility is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal dedicated to business ethics and business and society research. The journal seeks original high-quality scholarship relating to Business Ethics, the Environment, and Social Responsibility. The range of contributions reflects the variety and scope of ethical, sustainability, and responsibility issues faced by business organizations worldwide. Of note, the journal seeks under-represented views and voices across the globe, with particular emphasis on high-quality scholarship contextualized in developing countries. BEER employs a comprehensive view of scholarship, drawing on a variety of methodologies and disciplinary perspectives, to advance knowledge, discourse and practice in relation to Business Ethics and Business-Society relations in the broadest sense.

Contributions will address the decision-making of moral actors and their implications at the individual (micro) level, organizational (meso) level and the societal (macro) level as well as cross fertilization with core functional business areas (e.g. Management, Marketing, Governance, HR). With an increased focus on the societal role of business in the recent period, BEER is also keen to attract innovative scholarship pertaining to both enduring and emerging topics such as Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Social Entrepreneurship, Family Business, and Public Policy and of course all relevant intersections with core functional business areas. The journal publishes both fully refereed conceptual and empirical scholarly papers and special contributions, including review articles and special issues.

What is distinctive about this journal is that it is a well-established academic research journal, that is known for its rigor and quality, yet remains at the same time accessible, readable and user-friendly. The journal is increasingly trying to position itself as a developmental journal, and as a journal that is open to capturing under-represented views and voices across the world. While remaining open to all kinds of scholarship from across continents, the journal is keen on presenting constructive developmental reviews to its authors, particularly those who come from developing or under-developed contexts. The journal has endeavoured to build a strong pool of Associate Editors from across the globe. It is therefore aspiring to position itself as a developmental journal, while continuing to be highly regarded as an authoritative outlet in the field.

The aims of BE:ER are reflected in the below:

To offer rigorous and informed analysis of ethical issues and perspectives relevant to organizations and their relationships with society and the natural environment

To promote scholarly research and advance knowledge in relation to business ethics and corporate social responsibility by providing cutting-edge theoretical and empirical analysis of salient issues and developments

To be responsive to changing concerns and emerging issues in the business ethics and business and society sphere, and to seek to reflect these in the balance of contributions

To promote rigorous but also practical knowledge content that advances the practice of ethical business and pushes the frontiers of sustainable business practice, while showing sensitivity to the policy cues and the policy environment

To be the publication outlet of choice for original research relating to business ethics and business-society relationships, helping to advance knowledge that contributes in turn to ethical and sustainable business activity that operates in harmony with changing societal expectations as well as natural ecosystems and planetary boundaries


Ethics, Business, Management, Society, Review, Performance, Organizational, National, Global, International, Multinational, Corporate, Morality, Theory, Empirical Analysis, Research, Philosophy, Original Articles, Book Reviews, Special Issues

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