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Aims and Scope

Metaphilosophy publishes articles and book reviews stressing considerations about philosophy and particular schools, methods or fields of philosophy. The intended scope is very broad: no method, field or school is excluded.

Particular areas of interest include: the foundation, scope, function and direction of philosophy; justification of philosophical methods and arguments; the interrelations among schools or fields of philosophy (for example, the relation of logic to problems in ethics or epistemology); aspects of philosophical systems; presuppositions of philosophical schools; the relation of philosophy to other disciplines (for example, artificial intelligence, linguistics or literature); sociology of philosophy; the relevance of philosophy to social and political action; issues in the teaching of philosophy.


metaphilosophy, philosophy, philosophical, argument, logic, ethics, epistemology, linguistics, literature, artificial intelligence, political, social, foundation, scope, function, direction, methods, journal, research, analysis, article, periodical

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