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Aims and scope

Survival, the International Institute for Strategic Studies’ bi-monthly journal, is one of the world’s leading forums for analysis and debate of international and strategic affairs. Shaped by its editors to be both timely and forward thinking, the journal encourages writers to challenge conventional wisdom and bring fresh, often controversial, perspectives to bear on the strategic issues of the moment. With a diverse range of authors, Survival aims to be scholarly in depth while vivid, well written and policy relevant in approach. Through commentary, analytical articles, case studies, forums, review essays, reviews and letters to the editor, the journal promotes lively, critical debate on issues of international politics and strategy.

‘'In a world of complex security challenges, the need for serious, thoughtful analysis is greater than ever. Survival's combination of elegant writing and rigorous scholarship from the world's top experts makes it essential reading for both practitioners and academics.'’

Sir Lawrence Freedman, Professor of War Studies and Vice Principal (Strategy and Development), King's College London.

" Survival has always been a source of knowledge and wisdom in strategic matters. It still is, but it also has become an exciting and rich guide to the complexities, contradictions and contentions of the post-Cold War international political system."

Professor Stanley Hoffmann, Harvard University

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