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Aims and scope

Published since 1974, Politikon: South African Journal of Political Studies is the official journal of the South African Association of Political Studies. The journal has no connection to Politikon: IAPSS Journal of Political Science, founded by the International Association for Political Science Students in 2001.

Politikon focuses primarily on South African politics and international relations, but not exclusively so. The journal is committed to publishing quality scholarship on Southern African politics, African politics and global political issues, both from a political economy and socio-political perspective. We particularly welcome submissions on topical socio-political and political economy issues in Global South.

Over the years the journal has published articles by some of the world’s leading political scientists, including Arend Lijphart, Samuel Huntington, and Philippe Schmitter. It has also featured important contributions from South Africa’s leading political philosophers, political scientists and international relations experts. It has proved an influential journal, particularly in debates over the merits of South Africa’s constitutional reforms (in 1983 and 1994), as well as South Africa’s negotiated settlement (1990–94). In the last few years special issues have focused on women and politics in South Africa, the state of the discipline in South Africa, and the status of the South African democracy. Recent articles have looked at the negotiated transition from apartheid to democracy, aspects of identity politics in post-apartheid South Africa and issues of democratic consolidation and quality of democracy.

The journal welcomes research articles, review papers, debates and book reviews focusing on, but not limited to, South African politics and international relations. Politikon is committed to the development of and advancing quality scholarship within the field of South African politics and international relations in particularly, and more broadly, Southern Africa, Africa, and the Global South.

Peer Review Statement

All research articles, review papers and debate pieces in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereeing by two referees. The Book Review Editor screens book reviews.

Authors can choose to publish gold open access in this journal.

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