Journal Of Research In Marketing And Entrepreneurship

(ISSN 1471-521X)

Aims & scope

Even though research into the relationship between marketing and entrepreneurship is still relatively young, the subject has thus far proved exciting and thought provoking, and critical thinking has progressed rapidly. The journal stands at the interface of research in marketing and entrepreneurship.

Coverage may include, but is not limited to:

• The size and structure of the entrepreneurial enterprise.

• SMEs and micro businesses approach marketing

• Intrapreneurship

• The role of entrepreneurship in marketing

• The role of marketing in entrepreneurship

• How do successful entrepreneurs market their product and services?

• Competencies necessary for the successful entrepreneur

• The role of entrepreneurship (and, as appropriate, intrapreneurship) in the development of organizations

• Life cycles of organizations: the stages in the growth of firms and the analysis of critical episodes

• The influence of external help, support, and personal contact networks

• Opportunity recognition

• Relationships between SMEs and larger firms: how SMEs interact successfully with larger firms and how these larger firms in turn manage their relationships with SMEs

• Strategic and management issues that pertain to marketing

• Cultural and sociological perspectives of the entrepreneur

• Cross-cultural studies and work on developing economies

• Appropriate research methodologies


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