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An international journal devoted to the science of the cerebellum and its role in ataxia and other medical disorders. There is currently intense interest in the genetics of cerebellar ataxias and in the roles of the cerebellum in motor control and cognitive functioning. This region contains more neurons than all the other structures of the brain. As a result of the ageing population, diseases associated with cerebellar dysfunction are becoming more widespread.

Despite the vast amount of scientific research in this area, no journal exists that is devoted specifically to the cerebellum. The growing number of researchers in this field currently have to find information in a wide range of publications. The Cerebellum will cover all the latest developments in this field to ensure readers are kept fully up to date from one source. The unique Editorial Board comprising internationally-renowned experts aims to create an authoritative journal that will be a significant and original addition to the neuroscience literature.

The Cerebellum will be of immense interest to researchers including: neuroscientists in molecular and cellular biology; neurophysiologists; researchers in neurotransmission; neurologists; geneticians; radiologists; paediatricians; anatomists; neuropsychologists; trainees in neurology and psychiatry.


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