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American Communist History

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Aims and scope

American Communist History, the non-partisan journal of the Historians of American Communism, makes available objective scholarship about the history of communism in the United States and its political, social and economic impact, broadly conceived. The journal also welcomes contributions which are transnational or international in scope, especially material that explores the dynamic relationship between American communism and the Soviet Union and research that addresses experiences and parties in national settings like Canada and Mexico, where there were inevitably links to the United States.

The subjects that American Communist History seeks to address are varied. They include precursors to the communist movement such as the Industrial Workers of the World, the African Blood Brotherhood, and the Socialist Party. Discussions of various splits, expulsions, rivals, and outgrowths (historically and organizationally) from the Communist Party, USA, such as the Socialist Workers Party, the Progressive Labor Party, and the various components of the New Communist Movement are encouraged. We are also interested in articles that examine communism and its relations with trade unions, peace and solidarity campaigns, LGBTQ mobilizations, youth and students, and oppressed nationalities (ethnicities), including, but not limited to, African American, Asian American, and Caribbean and Latin American.

Seeking the broadest possible perspective, the journal seeks submissions not only from historians, but from other scholars, journalists, and activists who can contribute to a complex, intriguing, and important history. Research articles, notes and documents, interpretive essays, and short memoirs are welcome. All research articles published in the journal undergo rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and refereeing by at least two anonymous scholars in the appropriate field.

Authors can choose to publish gold open access in this journal.

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