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Addiction Research & Theory

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Aims and scope

Since being founded in 1993, Addiction Research and Theory has been the leading outlet for research and theoretical contributions that view addictive behaviour as arising from psychological processes within the individual and the social context in which the behaviour takes place as much as from the biological effects of the psychoactive substance or activity involved.

This cross-disciplinary journal examines addictive behaviours from a variety of perspectives and methods of inquiry. Disciplines represented in the journal include Anthropology, Economics, Epidemiology, Medicine, Sociology, Psychology and History, but high quality contributions from other relevant areas will also be considered.

The journal publishes articles on all aspects of addiction, placing particular value on contributions that explore creatively new avenues of inquiry. Submissions to Addiction Research and Theory are peer reviewed and published if they are both good of their kind and are within the journal’s focus. Articles include theoretical, philosophical and political essays, research papers, state-of-the-science reviews, and descriptions of how to apply research on addictive behaviours to evidence-based clinical practice.

"Addiction Research and Theory fills an important gap. Unlike most journals in the field, it is willing to depart from the narrow positivist approach to knowledge that constrains much of the literature. Hence its content is particularly diverse, including a good balance of qualitative and quantitative work, of socially oriented as well as biopsychological research, and policy relevant contributions - often controversial - as well as basic research."

Prof Jim Orford

"The field of addiction studies is characterised by a dearth of basic theorizing and original ideas. This is why Addiction Research and Theory is such an important journal in the field – simply because it has the potential to help remedy the sterility of much of the current scientific literature on addiction. I am sometimes asked by colleagues about articles they have written describing empirical research or theoretical speculations that represents work of good quality but unlikely to be accepted by one of the more well-established journals simply because of its originality. I invariably reply: “Try Addiction Research and Theory.”"

Nick Heather

Emeritus Professor of Alcohol & Other Drug Studies,

Division of Psychology, Northumbria University

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