Progress In Physical Geography

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PPG: Earth and Environment is an international peer-reviewed journal, encompassing an interdisciplinary approach incorporating the latest developments and debates within Physical Geography and interrelated fields across the Earth, Biological and Ecological System Sciences. Contributions which review progress to date; which blend review material with new and original findings; or which introduce material, methods or techniques at the forefront of current knowledge, while setting directions for future work are welcomed. Authors need not be uncritically exhaustive in synthesizing research on a particular topic, but should concentrate on what they consider to be the most promising recent productive trends and developments which are likely to be transformative.

They should further aim at the widest possible international coverage and should consider the relevance of tangential or parallel developments to their fields. In addition, authors are encouraged to evaluate the general significance of research to date, including practical and policy applications where relevant.

This prestigious journal covers all aspects of:



Biogeography & landscape ecology

Human-environment interaction

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Research Resource Reviews of books and other research-related resources, including DVD, media and websites

A review of a classic book or paper


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  • inżynieria lądowa
  • geodezja i transport
  • nauki o Ziemi i środowisku