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Applied Spectroscopy Reviews

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Aims and scope

Applied Spectroscopy Reviews is an international and interdisciplinary journal that provides the latest information on the principles, methods, and applications of all the many diverse branches of spectroscopy, primarily from X-ray, infrared, Raman, atomic, mass, and NMR, luminescence/fluorescence, optical sensing, and microspectrometry. Other areas of spectroscopy will be considered. Authors should directly contact the editor/associate editor to gauge suitability of their work. The journal presents discussions that relate physical concepts to chemical applications for chemists, physicists, and other scientists using spectroscopic techniques. While the primary aim and scope is for reviews (both full and comprehensive reviews as well as mini-reviews), the journal will also consider very selected and unique experimental applications, particularly on the use of spectroscopy to solve problems such as diagnostic studies clinical chemistry. In these cases the results obtained and what they mean are more important that the method. Occasionally the journal will present special issues.

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Dyscypliny naukowe:

  • automatyka
  • elektronika
  • elektrotechnika i technologie kosmiczne
  • inżynieria biomedyczna
  • inżynieria lądowa
  • geodezja i transport
  • inżynieria materiałowa
  • biologia medyczna
  • nauki farmaceutyczne
  • nauki medyczne
  • nauki leśne
  • rolnictwo i ogrodnictwo
  • astronomia
  • nauki chemiczne
  • nauki fizyczne