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Psychoanalytic Social Work

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Aims and scope

Psychoanalytic Social Work, the only avowedly social work publication listed on the PEPWeb (Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing) database, offers clinicians, clinical educators, and others highly informative and stimulating articles relevant to the practice of psychoanalytic social work with individuals.

With its distinguished international editorial advisory board, Psychoanalytic Social Work offers an impressive range of exciting, original contributions, ranging from detailed, intensive single-case studies to scholarly discussions of theoretical psychoanalysis. The journal, with no adherence to any particular body of psychoanalytic thinking, also focuses on the special requirements, adaptations, and problems associated with a psychoanalytic approach to treatment in social work settings and with traditional social work populations.

Founded in 1993, Psychoanalytic Social Work is a refereed journal employing a double-blind review process. It gives high priority to those articles most relevant to practice including, but not limited to:

clinical case studies

psychoanalytic approaches to special populations and in work with minorities and the underserved

applications of specialized or innovative psychoanalytic techniques and methods in the treatment of various clinical problems

manuscripts exploring emerging bodies of psychoanalytic knowledge (e.g., the importance of human neuroscience to contemporary psychoanalytic theory and practice)

research studies that are clinically focused and that investigate various aspects of psychoanalytic psychotherapy or psychoanalytic developmental psychology

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