Buddhist-Christian Studies

(ISSN 1527-9472)

A scholarly journal devoted to Buddhism and Christianity and their historical and contemporary interrelationships, Buddhist-Christian Studies presents thoughtful articles, conference reports, and book reviews. It also includes sections on comparative methodology and historical comparisons, as well as ongoing discussions from two dialogue conferences: the Theological Encounter with Buddhism, and the Japan Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies.

The Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies, the journal's sponsor, was founded in 1987 to provide an ongoing organization for those committed to study, reflection, interchange, and practice arising out of Buddhist-Christian encounters. Every year, the Society also presents the Frederick J. Streng Book Award for excellence in Buddhist-Christian studies. Membership in the Society includes a subscription to the annual journal and semiannual newsletter. The Society is headquartered at CSSR, Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN 46383-6493, USA.


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Dyscypliny naukowe:

  • etnologia i antropologia kulturowa
  • historia
  • nauki o kulturze i religii
  • nauki o rodzinie
  • stosunki międzynaropdowe
  • nauki biblijne
  • nauki teologiczne