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Aims and scope

Teaching and Learning in Medicine ( TLM) is an international, forum for scholarship on teaching and learning in the health professions. Its international scope reflects the common challenge faced by all medical educators: fostering the development of capable, well-rounded, and continuous learners prepared to practice in a complex, high-stakes, and ever-changing clinical environment. TLM's contributors and readership comprise behavioral scientists and health care practitioners, signaling the value of integrating diverse perspectives into a comprehensive understanding of learning and performance. The journal seeks to provide the theoretical foundations and practical analysis needed for effective educational decision making in such areas as admissions, instructional design and delivery, performance assessment, remediation, technology-assisted instruction, diversity management, and faculty development, among others. TLM's scope includes all levels of medical education, from premedical to postgraduate and continuing medical education, with articles published in the following categories:

Groundwork. Medical education scholars are increasingly recognizing the centrality of context to all aspects of teaching and learning.

Validation. Valid assessment of the constructs employed in educational research is critical to ensuring a sound evidence base for theory development and practical decision making.

Investigations. Studies that formally test theoretical explanations of learning and performance provide an important foundation for the design of curriculum and instruction.

Educational Case Reports. The practitioner's personal experience with teaching and learning can provide valuable information about the context to which some researchers expect their findings to apply.

Observations. Medical education is a broad-ranging field that benefits from the diverse perspectives brought by people drawn to teaching and learning for different reasons and from different backgrounds.

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